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Black History Month

The National Anthem is NOT Racist

Election & America (2021)

Tomi Lahren and I talk about what the democrats continue to do to spread Black Lies Matter. (2017)

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  • Mason's take current events:
    Corona Virus may be a real virus, but the fear and panic is a Hoax to destroy our Make America Again. The virus
     has commanded all of our attention, world-wide (early 2020). Here is what Mason has to say about it: Corona Cure Mason

Hoax Part 1
Hoax Part 2
Hoax Part 3
Hoax Part 4
Hoax Part 5
Hoax Part 6 
Hoax Part 7
Hoax Part 8
Why Fear Man?
How to Respond
Fear OF Death
A Doctors View

2021 Covid Update

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Masks are making you sick

Masks Sick Video Mason

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Mask Project

More Research Covid-19:

Must See Video by Scientist

A Doctors View Video

Parody Masks Video




 2020 - 2021

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown ((Video)) The Plot to Steal America (Video))
The Great Reset...  (Video)

The Party that will Fall (Article)

Black History Month (Video)  



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May - July - Aug  2020

A Shocking View of Corona Virus Pandemic (Video) Do Masks Work (Video))
Lincoln Monument = (Article)

Riots Mason's Interview (Video)

New Black Panthers Question (Part 1 Video)

Black Panthers (Part 2 Video)

HCQ Doctors (Video)

A Doctors View Video



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The Power of Forgiveness-LTP

Reverse Social Distancing 



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Grow in Authority.

"I wrote my first book in 1996 because I desired to tell the world what I think about God, Family, America, Politics, Culture, Business and Success. I have never been shy. I believe being bold about what my convictions is what makes me strong. Being an American makes me proud.
Learn how to speak with authority also, but reading my books, after all America needs to hear our voice."

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Seven Principles of Success-Book

  1. "Success is a verb, not a noun.
    It is based upon what you are doing, not what you are thinking.
  2. No one’s opinion of you should mean more to you than your opinion of you. 
  3. Wisdom comes not from the journey, but from the experiences along the way. 
  4. If you compromise on your principles, you have none. 
  5. If you are not willing to sacrifice, you are not willing to succeed. 
  6. A dream is something you think you can do; a goal is something you are doing. 
  7. Truth is eternal and unchangeable and does not submit itself to the thoughts, hopes, or actions of man."
POVERTY Cover Media Mason

Economical Book

There is a culture of success and a culture of failure. Which do you have? A culture of success watches and grows. It continues to define successful traits that lead to personal, individual freedoms.


Political Book

It is OK to believe in yourself. It is OK to have confidence in your own ability. It is OK to love your woman enough to marry her and live with her. It is OK to challenge yourself to fail or succeed on your own. 


Cultural Book

A diamond has become a diamond because it has gone through the pressures. Some could have been diamonds are lying broken in a pile of dust. Visualizing what could have been, even should have been.